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21 Apr

Fashion Pains: How Big Bags are Wreaking Havoc on your Back

Although your new oversized purse may be a fashion statement, it may also be a fashion faux pas when it comes to your back. If you have sore shoulders, a stiff neck, and even headaches, you may have fallen victim to the epidemic of heavy oversized bags. It seems as though the bigger the bag,

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15 Apr

Too much static for students

Unless you’re superhuman, you’ve probably experienced more than a few neck pains and headaches.  Evidence suggests a potential connection between the two. Keeping static postures is a contributing factor for neck and headache pain. What’s a ‘static posture’? Depending on your fitness it’s about 30 minutes of being in the same position. You could be

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07 Apr

Office Back Pains & Strains

If you are suffering from an aching back, stiff neck, and a worsening slouch, then you are officially part of the office club! Sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day can really take its toll on your back, putting stress and tension on the lower back. It’s likely that most of your day

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01 Apr

Exercising is a pain in the butt.

It’s generally accepted that people who have chronic low back pain are less physically fit than people who don’t. In some people, for instance, the pain may be too great to exercise; other people may be afraid that strenuous activity might lead to an injury, causing even further pain. One study found that while people

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