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25 Nov

Let the Good Times Roll!

In the last few years, foam rollers have exploded in popularity. While seeing that guy at the gym using one may have had you rolling on the floor laughing, you might want to grab a roller yourself next time you’re down there and reap the benefits. Why Should I Use a Foam Roller? Foam rolling

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18 Nov

4 Ways To Take Better Care Of Yourself

Life can be overwhelmingly busy. Between working and taking care of a family, it can be easy to forget about taking care of yourself. Your body and your mind both require proper care to function healthily, but this care requires taking the initiative to make positive changes in your life. Below are 4 small things

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15 Nov

Which half are you?

Health promotion and prevention services provided by the chiropractic profession are commonly referred to as ‘maintenance care’. A recent study looked at multiple health issues of patients who have had a long-term regimen of chiropractic preventive and maintenance care. This study selected chiropractic patients age 65 years and over who received maintenance care for at

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01 Nov

Less is more

There is enough chatter these days for most people to recognize that healthcare delivery cannot continue to go unchecked in Canada. In July 2013, the Provincial and Territorial Premiers collectively agreed on one area to make significant improvements.  I know, right?  When do multiple areas of government all agree?  Here’s the good news. We agree

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