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22 Jan

Why Does My Back Hurt From Running?

Is your lower back pain cramping your running style? If it wasn’t hard enough to get out of the door for a run, back pain will make it seem impossible. We’ve heard your moans, and are here to provide reasons for why this might be happening, and what the best way is to combat this

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20 Jan

5 Tips to Avoid Injuries this Snow Shoveling Season

You’re going to hate us for bringing this up, but yes, another winter is fast approaching. Put those flip-flops, short-shorts, and sunglasses away, and get out your boots, gloves, and Canadian willpower. Before you get out your shovel though, remember that snow shoveling is a huge cause of injuries–especially back injuries–during the winter months. Due

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15 Jan

That’s a no-brainer

Reports say almost half of our kids spend at least two hours a day watching television. While this might sound harmless, numerous studies show television is definitely taking its toll on our children. For instance, a study done in the April 2004 journal Pediatrics found that every added hour of watching TV may increase a

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14 Jan

Is Shoulder Pain Cramping Your Style?

If you didn’t already need an excuse to not go to work, the link between shoulder pain and prolonged computer use is on the rise. If you’re experiencing pain in either of these areas, it very well is due to your desk job, as our postures naturally change when sitting in front of a computer

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09 Jan

Exercise Spotlight: Thoracic Extensions

If you’re like many Canadians, you spend a large portion of your day sitting down in an office chair. This hunched over position takes a toll on your spine over time and leads to poor posture. Good posture isn’t just something your grandma talked about–it’s something that allows all the interconnected parts of our body

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02 Jan

Education is not enough

Grade school, high school, or university – back to school means back to backpacks. Student sherpas schlepping daily necessities can be seen everywhere.  By now we`ve walked you through how to select your pack, fit your pack, pack your pack and wear your pack. (Missed the bus on that one? Just ask. We would be

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