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28 Jan

Should I use ice or heat

The latest from Dr. Cheung: The answer is… it depends on the scenario. If you don’t have a specific diagnosis for your condition, there are some general rules you can follow. Long-term issues (longer than a few weeks) benefit from heat because pain is primarily due to tight muscles. Tight muscles will loosen up with heat

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22 Jan

An option for managing headaches.

The latest from Dr. Cheung:  Headaches have been a common theme for my patients this week. I’ve frequently seen that headaches occur due to excessive tension in the joints/muscles of the neck. Why? There are nerves that start from the neck and travel towards the top of the head, and if the nerves are irritated

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11 Jan

Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor

Have you ever pulled out your lower back simply by putting on your socks? How about shoveling snow for hours and then finding yourself in pain when you try to rest? Do you spend your working hours sitting at a desk with your laptop, yet can’t understand why you have so much discomfort? After all,

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07 Jan

What’s the best way to sleep?

The lastest from Dr. Cheung:  I get asked all the time, “What’s the best way to sleep?” “Should I sleep on my side, back, or front?”  Generally, I continually recommend patients to sleep on their side. It’s the best position to not aggravate the neck. (Unlike sleeping on the stomach) Properly aligning the pillow is

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