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04 Nov

You might want to get up more…

Case of the week from Dr. Cheung: Over the past few weeks I’ve been treating a 60-year-old lady that’s had knee pain for the past 30+ years. Due to a complicated eye condition, she’s now blind and spends most (if not all) of her time sitting and resting at home. After doing a thorough examination on her,

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15 Jul

MLB All Star Game and Chiropractic – Performance Enhancement

Since the 1920s, when the New York Yankees traveled with a chiropractor to their games, many professional baseball players have been taking advantage of the edge that playing pain-free gives them. Many baseball players from the major leagues have attested to the fact that chiropractic care has been instrumental in helping them perform at their

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04 Mar

This week’s case – A new mom with upper back pain

The Latest from Dr. Cheung: Another great week in practice and this week I had the pleasure of seeing a new mom. After the physical marathon of pregnancy, birth, and now taking care of a baby this mom is experiencing quite a bit pain. Because new moms spend most of their time holding their baby

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22 Jan

Why Does My Back Hurt From Running?

Is your lower back pain cramping your running style? If it wasn’t hard enough to get out of the door for a run, back pain will make it seem impossible. We’ve heard your moans, and are here to provide reasons for why this might be happening, and what the best way is to combat this

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09 Jan

Exercise Spotlight: Thoracic Extensions

If you’re like many Canadians, you spend a large portion of your day sitting down in an office chair. This hunched over position takes a toll on your spine over time and leads to poor posture. Good posture isn’t just something your grandma talked about–it’s something that allows all the interconnected parts of our body

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25 Nov

Let the Good Times Roll!

In the last few years, foam rollers have exploded in popularity. While seeing that guy at the gym using one may have had you rolling on the floor laughing, you might want to grab a roller yourself next time you’re down there and reap the benefits. Why Should I Use a Foam Roller? Foam rolling

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01 Sep

Exercise good judgement

With an array of products even the tiniest among us are enjoying the great outdoors.  But while these products can make life easier and more enjoyable for both parent and child, they can be the source of pain and injury if not used properly. Biking Use a trailer that hitches to the back of the

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04 Aug

4 Ways to Avoid Exercise-Related Injuries

Exercising is an extremely important component in staying healthy, happy, and fit. Regular physical activity prevents health problems, improves immune system response, strengthens your body, and even improves your mood. If you are an exercise enthusiast or just beginning your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, then it is important that you do so in a

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15 Jun

Move them bones…

Exercise is known to increase bone development in teenagers and seniors, but what effects do exercise and minor physical activity have on the bones of children?  A study published in Pediatrics is one of the first to examine the effects of low-impact everyday activities on bone density in children.  Researchers examined the relationship between physical

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01 May

My Run’s Not Fun

My run’s not fun. Words I tend to hear more of this time of year. It seems that as the sun comes out so do the injuries. Fitness and fun seekers of all ages often report a dull, aching pain in the front of their lower leg from the ankle to the knee. Moving from

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