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04 Nov

You might want to get up more…

Case of the week from Dr. Cheung: Over the past few weeks I’ve been treating a 60-year-old lady that’s had knee pain for the past 30+ years. Due to a complicated eye condition, she’s now blind and spends most (if not all) of her time sitting and resting at home. After doing a thorough examination on her,

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02 Jan

Education is not enough

Grade school, high school, or university – back to school means back to backpacks. Student sherpas schlepping daily necessities can be seen everywhere.  By now we`ve walked you through how to select your pack, fit your pack, pack your pack and wear your pack. (Missed the bus on that one? Just ask. We would be

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02 Dec

Fashion Pains: High Heel Havoc

High heels date back to the 9th-century, according to shoe history expert Elizabeth Semmelhack, curator at the Toronto Bata Shoe Museum. At that time they were used for their practicality and not for their appearance; the distance between the front sole of the shoe and the heel was designed to keep horse riders’ feet in

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15 Oct

Ohhh my aching back… pack

Familiar with the term “growing pains” right? Health care providers use this term to describe the aches and pains children experience in their joints and limbs as a result of rapid growth. Previous research has shown up to 50 per cent of all 15 and 16-year olds experience some sort of back pain. One study

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21 Apr

Fashion Pains: How Big Bags are Wreaking Havoc on your Back

Although your new oversized purse may be a fashion statement, it may also be a fashion faux pas when it comes to your back. If you have sore shoulders, a stiff neck, and even headaches, you may have fallen victim to the epidemic of heavy oversized bags. It seems as though the bigger the bag,

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15 Mar

OMG Those shoes are fabulous!

Now I know you want to hear those words from your friendly neighborhood chiropractor as much as your fashionista friends.  Here’s how. Shoe Shopping Prep: Keep track of your miles and get new shoes about every 300 to 600 miles.  If you tend to be hard on your shoes, switch sneaks closer to 300. Shop

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