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29 Jul

Interesting Case of the Week: Tennis

Rio Olympics are here. The latest case from Dr. Cheung is here. The two come together on the tennis courts: You might be wondering…is chiropractic useful for athletes? Over the past few months I’ve had the chance of working with a high-level junior tennis player. Working in collaboration with his coach, trainer, massage therapist, and

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17 Jun

Interesting Case of the Week – Foot Pain from Running

Summer is finally here and I’m seeing a whole slew of new injuries. Recently I had a patient come in with foot pain following her run this week. Make sure you’re not doing a few classical mistakes and follow these 2 simple rules:   1) Wear proper footwear (your running shoes and casual shoes!)  – In spring

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15 Apr

How come I get numbness in my arm when sleeping?

  This has been a common question this week and I’ve seen it mainly caused by a few reasons. For most cases, it’s not alarming and has a simple reason behind it.   1) There are several complex nerves that travel from your neck down the arm. When these nerves become irritated overtime, you can

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01 Apr

Tip of the Week – Does my Pillow Really Matter?

Lately I’ve noticed that this can be a very important issue. If you happen to feel neck stiffness, shoulder stiffness, or even arm stiffness in the middle of the night or in the morning, your pillow definitely matters. You should wake up feeling refreshed and not feeling stiff.  What should you do? Follow this general

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18 Mar

Chronic Pain Video

Here’s a great short 5-minute video explaining chronic pain. If you’re experiencing chronic pain please take a look at this video and it might give you some good perspective!

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04 Feb

How come I get random foot pain and stiffness?

The latest from Dr. Cheung: This question has come up quite a bit and there’s several reasons for this. Your foot and ankleare made up of 33 joints and in any of these joints a problem can occur. There’s a ton of reasons such as improper mechanics of the foot, improper shoe fit, lack of

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28 Jan

Should I use ice or heat

The latest from Dr. Cheung: The answer is… it depends on the scenario. If you don’t have a specific diagnosis for your condition, there are some general rules you can follow. Long-term issues (longer than a few weeks) benefit from heat because pain is primarily due to tight muscles. Tight muscles will loosen up with heat

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22 Jan

An option for managing headaches.

The latest from Dr. Cheung:  Headaches have been a common theme for my patients this week. I’ve frequently seen that headaches occur due to excessive tension in the joints/muscles of the neck. Why? There are nerves that start from the neck and travel towards the top of the head, and if the nerves are irritated

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