Interesting Case of the Week: Tennis

Rio Olympics are here. The latest case from Dr. Cheung is here. The two come together on the tennis courts:

Is Chiropractic Useful For Athletes?

You might be wondering…is chiropractic useful for athletes? Over the past few months I’ve had the chance of working with a high-level junior tennis player.

Working in collaboration with his coach, trainer, massage therapist, and other practitioners, we’ve figured out a healthy and safe schedule of activities to keep him training and competing at his highest level.

In terms of chiropractic, our primary goal has been to keep the tennis-specific joints and muscles loose. With all the rotation in the mid-spine and stress on the shoulder, these have been key areas that have required fine tuning.  

With the crazy amount of volume at times it’s definitely difficult to keep up with him. It’s been awesome treating him so far and we hope he continues to have a healthy and strong tennis season! 

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