Green Initiatives - Downsview Chiropractic CentreGreen policies may not be the first thing you think of when choosing a clinic. In fact, they are not the first thing we think of either – your care is. At Downsview Chiropractic we recognize that we have many opportunities to be eco friendly without compromising your care.

We believe that just as with the daily decisions that impact your health, even small environmentally conscious decisions can add up to a meaningful positive change. Our green initiatives and plans aim to provide your healthcare in a way that is best for you and the planet.

Our current initiative and future plan include:

  • The adoption of digital electronic health records to reduce paper consumption.
  • Digitized administrative forms to reduce paper consumption.
  • Utilizing electronic billing and computerized scheduling to reduce paper consumption.
  • Recycling of all non-PIPEDA materials.
  • Utilize printing strategies, like double-sided printing, to reduce paper consumption.
  • Minimize electricity consumption by utilizing high efficiency light bulbs and ballasts.
  • Minimize electricity consumption by utilizing fans for cooling, and a programmable thermostat for when fans are inadequate.
  • Minimize electricity consumption by turning machines off prior to leaving for the day, and utilizing a timer for exterior lighting.
  • Our location on Sheppard Ave., between the two subway lines, ensures that public transit is a viable option for our patients.
  • Utilize conference-call and e-mail communications for meetings when possible.
  • Offering hands on health care may reduce the need for other forms of care that create biomedical waste.
  • Provide reusable ice and heat packs in order to reduce the need for disposable packs.


As high quality new, greener technology becomes available in healthcare, we envision being early-adopters in the utilization of these practices. We expect these will include: •  • The adoption of paperless fax technology to reduce paper consumption.

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