Clinical Excellence


Since its inception in 1985, Downsview Chiropractic was inspired by the idea of respecting our patient’s desire for health information and their desire for partnering in the decision making process. After all, we are here to help you with your health goals. Serving the North York community and Greater Toronto Area, our clinic grew on these ideas, and eventually this successful practice model was taken overseas.


Dr. Michael Brickman (1965-2004) acquired the clinic in 1992. He was driven to help as many families as possible access the benefits of chiropractic care so that they may live happier, healthier and more productive lives. He made the clinic a high-energy positive environment; and a home for both staff and patients. His list of accomplishments as a leader in the profession is long. He sat on Provincial and International Boards. He helped to represent Chiropractic at the United Nations, and he helped to bring an international representation of Chiropractic to Toronto. But mostly, he will be remembered for his warmth, humor, and ability to help each person leave feeling better than when they arrived.


Having first joined the clinic in 1995, Dr. Joel Weisberg’s role grew from student, to intern, to clinician, to eventually assuming the duties of Clinic Director. In 2007 Dr Weisberg received the prestigious Heart and Hands Award, representing doctors who “embody a generous and giving spirit (the Heart) and a remarkable passion and dedication to the precepts of chiropractic (the Hands)”. It is this passion that Dr. Weisberg shares with everyone who encounters Downsview Chiropractic.

To our patients, we are most renowned for offering patient-centered healthcare of clinical excellence in an environment of exceptional personal service. We have received the Patient Care award from the Ontario Chiropractic Association in 2013.

Having worked extensively with various charitable organizations, our community knows that we actively seek ways that are larger scope to help people live happier, healthier, more productive lives. In fact, in 2008 we were invited to pilot a clinic at the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre.

By mentoring students and interns at Downsview Chiropractic, involvement with a  Provincial Mentoring program, and involvement in Provincial National, and International roles, we are recognized as having a special interest in helping new, veteran, and future chiropractors achieve the same successes with their patients as we have.

Your Partner for Hands on Health, since 1985.

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